The Kindness of a Stranger

Have you ever been stranded alone and offered assistance by someone you’re just not sure wants to help? Lori is a young woman who goes out on an errand for her boss and runs out of gas on her way back into the city. She calls her dad and a tow truck but they both say that they will take a while to get there. An unfamiliar car stops and a man gets out offering his help but Lori has a very bad feeling after he introduces himself. The man waits in his car and Lori calls a friend for advice. It starts to get dark and the stranger walks back to her car and Lori’s feeling goes from bad to worse when he tells her that he is going to call a friend to come help. She tries to call her dad again but she just gets his voicemail. Lori dials 911 as the two men approach her car but she is all alone.

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You can't always know
who to trust